There is no doubt in most people’s minds that electric cars (EVs) are the future. With so many new offerings from automakers, government mandates and announcements, and advancing technology, EVs are filling your news feeds every day.

But with so much news across so many sources with different opinions and views, how can the average Canadian consumer find out if an EV is right for them? Apart from early adopters and technophiles, it can be difficult for many people to sort through all the hype and misinformation. Where can you go for unbiased, informative news, a one-stop shop for all of your EV questions?

You’ve found the place. Welcome to

We are a consumer-based, high-level educational and lifestyle site for anyone considering an EV, PHEV or hybrid and looking for information and education on the subject. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team and we intend to become the first and primary stop for EV info for Canadian car buyers. And we’ll do that with our three main pillars: Inform, educate and showcase.

We’ll have daily news to inform you on the EV industry, from new vehicles coming out, to charging infrastructure announcements, and other real-world EV reports that would directly affect your decisions and views on electric vehicles. We’ll educate with content that can bring even the most casual observer up to speed on things like charging locations, EV terminology and road tests. And we’ll showcase by demonstrating to you the real-world capabilities of EVs, and how they can fit your lifestyle more easily than you might think.

While EV sales make up a small percentage compared with conventional vehicles now, those numbers are growing as more and more people realize the benefits of owning and driving an emissions-free car. Maybe even you are considering an EV as your next big purchase, but aren’t really sure if you could live with it. Join us here at to find out.