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With the winter weather now here and the end of 2021 fast approaching, it’s that time of year where we start to feel nervous; and no, I’m not talking about range anxiety. It’s gift anxiety! Finding the perfect present for those loved ones on your list can be daunting, to say the least.

But don’t worry; The Charge is here to help. We may not be able to find that perfect cardigan for grandma, but if she owns an EV, we’ve got you covered here. The Charge has compiled a list of gift ideas, from easily affordable to a little more pocket change, that are sure to brighten the holidays for those who’ve embraced the EV lifestyle. Or, go ahead and splurge on yourself.

Fashion with a mission

T shirt

T shirt

Fun fashion is always a good gift, and an EV-inspired T-shirt can let your loved one express their pride of electric ownership. There’s a vast selection of Ts available online; this one from Etsy gives a humorous take on people’s ‘range anxiety’ issues. It may also create a lively debate on the practicality of electric cars at the dinner table.

Get your point across

EV etiquette kit

EV etiquette kit

Owning an EV comes with a few unique challenges ICE drivers really don’t have to deal with: cars lingering too long in public charging locations, for example, or ICE cars taking up a charging spot for no reason. Here’s a way to deal with these inconsiderate drivers: this EV Etiquette Kit from Etsy includes sticky notes, hanging tags and official-looking notices to politely but firmly let people know they shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. Passive aggressive? Maybe, but it’s also very satisfying.

The fast and the efficient

Formula E

Formula E

Looking for something a little racy? Forget the lingerie and instead grab some tickets for the Formula E 2022 Vancouver E-Prix, set for June 30 to July 2. The all-electric, open-wheel racing series will visit BC’s largest city for the first time, driving around a unique street circuit on the city’s harbourfront around False Creek. The event will also feature the Canadian E-Fest, a sports/arts/business festival with a focus on sustainability. It’s a weekend that’s sure to get your (electric) motor running.
Tickets: $70 per weekend pass, and up.

Safety means love

It doesn’t matter if your loved one owns an electric car or a gas-burning behemoth; a CAA membership is a great way to tell them you care about their safety. Three levels of yearly membership offer multiple service calls, tows and other features to help a driver out when they’re stuck helpless on the side of the road; there are also deals on insurance, restaurants, travel and other benefits. The EV owner probably won’t need the emergency fuel delivery, though.
$75, $119 or $175 per year

Mark your territory

Know someone with a home EV charger? Make it look more official with a high-quality metal sign like you’d see in commercial areas. Again, the internet is filled with choices, but this one from Etsy is made from heavy-gauge aluminum and made to last years in the outdoors, while pre-punched holes make it easy to mount just about anywhere.

A tipple from Tesla

Tesla decanter

Tesla decanter

Make spirits bright this season with this modern and stylish lightning bolt decanter from Tesla. Each one is made of hand-blown glass, so no two are identical. The 750 mL container also has the Tesla logo in gold and a polished metal stand, making it a perfect conversation piece for any home bar. Of course, best to leave the EV in the garage when enjoying this gift.

The first electric truck from Ford

Power Wheels Ford F-150

Power Wheels Ford F-150

Your kids can be the first to drive Ford’s all-electric pickup; well, sort of. No, it’s not the Lightning, but instead it’s the Power Wheels F-150 Ride-On Vehicle, designed to carry two children up to 59 kg (130 lbs). Able to run on wet grass and in mud, the little truck also has a lengthy option list: an FM radio with an MP3 jack, a roomy truck bed with tailgate, and a two-speed transmission with reverse, with a top speed of 8 km/h that can be locked back to 4 km/h by parents. Maybe you can finally get them to do some yard work with a smile.

Electrifying winter fun

Electric vehicles aren’t just for the roads. This ENVO Polar Snow Kart lets you play in the snow for up to two hours of continuous throttle on a single charge. The 50-kilogram vehicle features dual tracks and a single front ski, with a top speed of around 20 km/h and a tow capacity of 180 kg (400 lbs), great for getting out to the fishing hole or scooting along snowy trails. A warning though: assembly is required, so someone has to be handy.

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