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EV owners unfortunately know that public charging isn’t perfect. In fact, many studies this year, including this one from CAA, list the lack of reliability and availability of public charging infrastructure as one of the leading – if not the top – worries when it comes to transitioning to EVs. Thankfully, one charge network is doing something about that.

FLO, a leading North American charging network that it says has more than 1.5 million charging sessions each month, is partnering with the Canadian telecoms giant Telus to help with development, efficiency and upkeep of its charging infrastructure. Telus will provide real-time visibility on at least 60,000 of FLO’s Level 2 and Level 3 chargers in Canada and the US over the next five years. The idea is that, when a problem is detected, a service technician can be dispatched as soon as possible to avoid leaving the charger unavailable for extended periods.

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infrastructure needs work

“FLO is focused on providing EV drivers the best charging experience,” said Louis Tremblay, FLO President and CEO. “TELUS will help FLO advance this mission by providing critical support to keep our chargers communicating with our network and maintaining FLO’s leading uptime of more than 98 per cent. We are thrilled that TELUS is supporting FLO in our work to help usher in a zero-emissions transportation future.”

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