2022 Volkswagen ID.4

Yesterday, Volkswagen announced an exciting update — the 2022 Volkswagen ID.4 is getting a range boost. The press release shared a series of EPA-estimated figures that are sure to peak the interest of prospective customers, as they indicate that the base rear-wheel drive 2022 ID.4 Pro has a 450-km range. For reference, this is 32 km more than the 2021 model. Similarly, the rear-wheel drive 2022 ID.4 Pro S, which is not available in Canada, has a 431-km range, which is a 30-km boost from the 2021 model.

2021 Volkswagen ID.4

In terms of efficiency, VW also revealed estimates of 112 MPGe combined (121 MPGe city, 102 MPGe highway) for the Pro and 106 MPGe combined (115 MPGe city, 97 MPGe highway) for the Pro S.

The all-wheel drive version of the ID.4 Pro boasts 404 km of range, while the ID.4 Pro S (also not available in Canada) offers 395 km of range. Similar to the rear-wheel drive models, this indicates a range improvement across the board. Comparatively, efficiency estimates are 101 MPGe combined (106 MPGe city, 96 MPGe highway) for the all-wheel drive ID.4 Pro and 106 MPGe combined (115 MPGe city, 97 MPGe highway) for the all-wheel drive Pro S model.

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VW has also assured customers that the 2022 ID.4 will benefit from faster charging, with a peak of 135 kw (the 2021 model offered 125 kw). The new ID.4 will still rely on an 82 kwh battery pack, but the charging improvement is set to come via an over-the-air update. Notably, these improvements arrive with a fairly modest price increase of US$765 ($973), unlike the Tesla Model Y which increased in base price by US$17,000 ($21,632) over 2021.

Deliveries of the 2022 ID.4 are set to begin this fall.

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