2023 Honda Accord teaser

Honda has released its first teaser shot of the new Accord, and promised “improved hybrid performance,” ahead of the sedan’s full-reveal next month.

The 11th-generation Accord, a Honda staple that’s been in production pretty much constantly since 1976, brings a new, Prologue-esque design to the plate for 2023, with a wider hexagonal grille and sleek LED headlights at the front previewed via Honda’s official images. The rear, meanwhile, is dominated by the almost full-width tail lamps, which are split only by the Honda logo.

2023 Honda Accord teaser

2023 Honda Accord teaser

Save an assurance that the Accord will feature “a more responsive and fun-to-drive hybrid powertrain,” no further details have been released regarding the drivetrain. It’s speculated Honda could run with the 143 hp 2.0-litre four-cylinder that powers the current generation Accord, albeit with a more powerful electric motor than the current 181 hp example. Alternatively, the 2023MY Accord may adopt the more intricately-packaged hybrid powertrain powering Honda’s new CR-V SUV, the latter of which is said to offer a broader torque curve and more responsive acceleration.

2023 Honda Accord teaser

2023 Honda Accord teaser

Honda has confirmed though that the new sedan the Japanese marque’s first model to feature “seamless on-the-go connectivity” via Google Play, and will also boast a 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen, Honda’s largest example to-date, at the heart of an all-new cabin.

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