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As EVs slowly increase in popularity across the country, British Columbia (B.C.) and BC Hydro have released their recommendations to see more EVs on provincial roads.

Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation says “British Columbia’s abundant, reliable and affordable clean electricity makes switching to an electric vehicle a sustainable choice that can save people and businesses money in fuel costs, and help them reduce their carbon footprint … Recommendations from Phase 2 of our BC Hydro Review propose optional rates and innovative new solutions and programs that will make it easier and more affordable for drivers to go electric.”

Impressively, B.C. boasts the highest EV adoption rate in North America in 2020, and one of the largest public charging networks in Canada, easing the transition to EV driving.

Recommendations from the Phase 2 B.C. Hydro Review report include:

• Point-of-purchase vehicle rebates

• Home and workplace charging rebates

• Rebates for specialty-use low-speed and utility vehicles

• Funding for public charging stations

• Commercial vehicle and fleet programs

• Funding to upgrade electrician and automotive technician training to include EVs and charging infrastructure.

• New optional rates to lower the charging costs at home or at the workplace

• Measures to help middle- to lower-income households get into an EV

• Additional public fast-charging stations

• Development of a medium- and heavy-duty vehicle low-carbon fuels/electrification strategy

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