In addition to ramping up production of its all-electric vehicle line-up, BMW has now begun production on its CE 04 electric motorbike, which was first unveiled nearly a year ago. Despite initial hesitation regarding the feasibility of the motorbike, BMW has surged ahead with the futuristic concept at its Motorrad plant in Berlin.

The automaker has revealed that the CE 04 is a hybrid of sorts, resembling a mash-up of a maxiscooter and a light electric motorcycle. However, the electric motor (which can reach 31 kW, or 42 horsepower) makes the CE 04 a worthy rival of other electric motorcycles from leading manufacturers. There will also be a secondary model available, that offers a reduced power rating of 23 kW (31 hp).



The top-level CE 04 gets an 8.9 kWh battery that gives the bike a range of up to 130 km. It also boasts impressive acceleration, reportedly reaching a speed of 50 km/h in 2.6 seconds. BMW notes that the top speed reached by both CE 04 models is 120 km/h. For increased convenience, the CE 04 offers multiple charging options – drivers can plug their bike into a wall outlet, or utilize a dedicated wall-mounted charger. Using the built-in charger, the bike will recharge in approximately four hours.

In addition to home charging options, the CE 04 will be able to recharge from public charging stations. This will be especially valuable for those drivers which opt for the quick charger upgrade, which will allow their bike to generate an 80 per cent charge from 20 per cent in just 45 minutes.



The CE 04 will be marketed alongside the rest of BMW’s all-electric urban mobility line, as the automaker continues to push towards an all-electric future. The motorbike won’t be available to purchase until next year, at which point it will reportedly start at $14,964.

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