BMW i7

Electrify Canada and BMW just announced three years of complimentary fast charging for all BMW i7 luxury sedan owners via the Electrify Canada charging network. Complimentary charging will be available beginning from the date of vehicle purchase, and drivers can use the Electrify Canada mobile app to access charging, charging history, and locate charging stations across Electrify Canada’s expansive nationwide network.

“We’re excited to continue our work with BMW and extend it to Canada to help even more of their customers feel confident taking their EVs wherever they need to go,” said Rob Barrosa, Vice President of Technology at Electrify Canada and Electrify America. “As more EVs like the BMW i7 come to market, fast-charging solutions from Electrify Canada and our ongoing work to expand charging access for customers, will be critical to increasing EV adoption.”

The BMW i7 is an exciting step towards an electric future, as it seeks to offer “a bold new vision of BMW’s flagship – fusing artful aesthetics and groundbreaking technologies with some of the most exquisite details ever seen in a BMW.”

Notably, this is the first time BMW’s flagship 7 Series has received an all-electric powertrain. The luxury sedan boasts 512 km of range (according to Natural Resources Canada), and can reach its peak charging power of 195 kW using Electrify Canada’s DC fast 350 kW chargers.

“As leaders in the luxury segment, we want to provide our flagship i7 customers with a premium charging experience,” said David George, President and CEO of BMW Group Canada. “This charging agreement with Electrify Canada gives i7 owners a fast and convenient way to charge their vehicles when out-of-home and helps make a further case to go electric.”

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