Charging the 2022 Ford Mach-E GT at the PetroCanada fast charger near Alliston, ON

For years, Level 3 DC fast chargers here in Canada have billed customers based on the time duration of charging. But that’s not fair to many, as some vehicles can accept higher voltage at faster rates than others. Plus, factors such as inclement weather and charger faults can bring the available power and speeds down considerably, affecting charging times. But we may have a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Measurement Canada (MC) has issued a ‘Temporary dispensation for Level 3+ electric vehicle supply equipment’ bulletin. Acting President of MC, Benoit Desforges, stated in the release “after taking into account that the integrity and accuracy of electricity meters must be maintained and having determined that this dispensation is in the public interest, I hereby grant permission to owners of Level 3+ electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) to put those meters into service without verification and sealing.”

All existing Level 3 operators with units installed prior to June 30, 2024, must follow a list of requirements, such as clear indicators of billing, a registration of measured energy to a minimum resolution of 0.001 kWh, and the establishment of a complaint process, among others. You can see the full press release here.

This isn’t a mandate, however, so don’t expect to see every Level 3 provider follow suit right away. But hopefully, we’ll see a more fair pay structure across Canadian roads and highways in the near future.

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