Potential Motors Adventure 1

Canadian start-up Potential Motors, based in Hanwell, NB, has presented the limited edition ‘Adventure 1,’ a miniature (sort of) motor home specifically designed to go off-road.

Adventure 1 stands just 64 inches wide and, thanks to incredibly short overhangs front and rear, boasts a 40-degree approach angle and a 45-degree departure angle, allowing it to reach “remote destinations inaccessible to trucks or SUVs.” Ground clearance is a similarly utilitarian 12.9 inches.

Potential Motors Adventure 1

Potential Motors Adventure 1

By comparison, a standard Jeep Wrangler 4xe is 73.8 inches wide, boasts 42.2-degree and 35.2-degree approach and departure angles respectively, and provides 10.1 inches of ground clearance.

At the heart of Adventure 1 lies a dual electric motor layout that produces a combined 604 hp and, more importantly, 737 lb-ft of instant torque (also independently controlled at each corner). The e-motors are mated with a 70 kWh battery, which, in an effort to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible – and thus stop the 64-inch vehicle from immediately flipping over – is mounted along the floor.

Potential Motors Adventure 1

Potential Motors Adventure 1

Range, admittedly, is a solid if unspectacular 160 km, though, handily, a back-up generator can be filled by the onboard propane tank, usually used for cooking and heating, for an unspecified emergency range.

On that note, despite its diminutive width, the Adventure 1 motorhome still sits on a 105-inch wheelbase, meaning, theoretically at least, there is room for four seating and/or two sleeping. The fold-away double bed is unzipped from and/or storied inside a waterproof and dustproof cabin in the rear of the cabin, while at the back, a modular kitchenette, including a two-burner propane stove, a fridge, and even a sink, can be pulled out from behind the rear bumper. Up to 40 litres of water storage has also been incorporated into the vehicle’s bodywork.

Potential Motors Adventure 1

Potential Motors Adventure 1

Remove the kitchen entirely and Potential Motors states that two dirt bikes can be easily carried behind the rear seats courtesy of 2,500-plus litres of interior space. How greatly this affects the 160 km range though remains to be seen.

To further aid its off-road capabilities, the ‘cab-over architecture’ and large windows are said to improve all-round visibility, while adaptive dampers have been mated with the off-road suspension for “for maximum performance and comfort through any conditions.” Airtight bodywork, made possible Potential Motors states via the electric architecture itself, means Adventure 1 is also far less susceptible to water leaks than combustion-engined off-roaders.

Officially licenced as an off-road recreational vehicle (ORV), this does mean Adventure 1 cannot be driven legally on the highway, though it can be trailered or flat-towed as required.

Though Potential Motors has confirmed the ‘Adventure 1’ will be “an exclusive, limited edition product,” no firm production numbers have been stated. Starting prices however have been announced at $136,600.

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