Maple Majestic Kombi-Kross

Just last year, AK Motor launched Maple Majestic, Canada’s flagship brand of electric automobiles on the world stage. At the time, AK Motor founder, Arkadiusz Kamiński, a Polish entrepreneur who now lives in Canada, explained that the idea was to “create an EV that’s fun to drive especially in cold weather conditions, which is what prevents the technology from going main-stream at the moment.”

Now, the company is introducing consumers to another variant of the Canadian concept — the Maple Majestic Kombi-Kross, a hatchback reportedly designed to take on extreme climate conditions routinely experienced by Canadians.

Maple Majestic Kombi-Kross

Maple Majestic Kombi-Kross

“Electric vehicle companies can’t keep up with demand as they crank out products that perform best in mild climates. By ignoring the winter scenario, EV companies are contributing to a resistance in electric vehicle adoption among countries with winter climates,” shares Kaminski. “The Maple Majestic brand’s ongoing mission is to address the problems of driving electric vehicles in winter and other challenging weather conditions. We call this Climate Friendly Driving. The Kombi-Kross model is a bold step in this direction.”

When looking at the wheelbase (which stretches over three meters in length), the Kombi-Kross bears a notable resemblance to the four-door coupe that was revealed last year. The hatchback also offers a “height-adjustable suspension that could increase ground clearance from 14 cm up to 29 cm.” True to Maple Majestic’s original brand promise, the new concept promises to deliver “supreme winter handling capabilities and off-road attributes, even in deep snow.” The company also alludes to ample storage space for longer trips; however, cargo capacity has not yet been specified.

Notably, there are currently no pictures of the interior, as development is reportedly not as advanced inside. Consumers can expect to see more variants of the Maple Majestic this year, in addition to more information regarding specific features, specs, and range estimates.

AK Motor is also reportedly looking for production and supply partners to make these concepts a reality, as the company does not intend to build the car or produce key components.

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