Porsche 911

A pure electric Porsche 911 could arrive before the end of the decade, according to an online report.

Though unconfirmed officially by Porsche, a report by Germany’s Manager Magazin magazine, reflecting sources at Wolfsburg, Porsche is considering development of an all-electric 911 in collaboration with QuantumScape, the California-based specialist in solid-state battery (SSB) technology, with a view to introducing the EV before 2030. This potentially means all of Porsche’s model line-up could boast either an electrically-powered counterpart by the end of the decade.

Porsche 911

Porsche 911

This is not the first time talk of an electrically-powered 911 has done the rounds, though Porsche’s understandable protection if its vaunted sports car means there has yet to be an official announcement of a green light. Significant recent backlash was aimed at new generation models that replaced air-cooled engines with water-cooling technology (996), and hydraulic steering with electronically-assistance (991). The first all-electric example of the six-decade old sports car – first introduced in 1963 – would inevitably generate much of the same online heat.

On top of this, Porsche’s mandate on the 911 doesn’t help matters, with the rear-engine mounting, six-cylinder boxer engine, and 2+2 seating pillars said to be untouchable. Hence why a hybrid example has yet to get off the ground, there being little-to-no space in the drivetrain (and packaging) for electric componentry.

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

The added weight such a hybrid system would bring, and the affect this would have on handling, is another stumbling block to both a hybrid and fully-EV 911. It has thus been suggested that a synthetically-fuelled 911, which leaves the vehicle’s curb weight untouched while simultaneously eliminating C02 emissions, is the preferred alternative.

With the arrival of electric versions of the both the 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster scheduled to arrive mid-decade though, it seems Porsche is now discussing development of an EV 911, or will depending on sales of those entry level EVs. This then is where QuantumScape comes in, its SSB technology boasting significantly less weight to conventional lithium-ion packs, as well as competitive electric ranges and the ability for the pack to retain its lifespan: the US company published a report earlier this year stating that up to 80 per cent of its SSB’s initial energy was still intact after 400 cycles of charging.

Officially confirmation of such a move is unlikely to be forthcoming from Porsche however, with its main focus currently on a purely electric Macan SUV.

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