Tesla Model 3

Following in the footsteps of law enforcement in other regions, Dallas County has officially approved the purchase of three Tesla Model 3 Performance vehicles that will be used by the local police force.

This news speaks to what is becoming a trend around the world, as more police departments shift towards the adoption of EVs (specifically, Teslas) within their fleet of police vehicles. Most recently, the NYPD bought a Tesla Model 3 and turned it into an electric patrol vehicle. Fremont Police and the Spokane Police Department also made headlines when they purchased Model Ys to use as patrol vehicles.

Considering the extensive mileage that patrol cars typically get, the switch to EVs appears to be both a sustainable and financially-conscious idea.

The Tesla Model 3 purchase was authorized by the Dallas County Commissioners, and the EVs will reportedly be used as police vehicles, but they “haven’t had the time to validate the Tesla Model 3 based on their requirements.” Concerned that the backlog might become too long, Dallas County went ahead with the purchase, and will place the EVs in their reserve unit for now.

During a briefing given to the County Commissioners, it was shared that “as a result of the ongoing semiconductor microchip and supply chain issues, the length of time to determine if vehicles meet the replacement criteria guidelines could potentially result in ordering banks from the manufacturers to be closed. The recommendation is to purchase the three Tesla Model 3 Performance electric vehicles and have them placed as part of the ASC reserve unit.”

The listed delivery timeline for the Model 3 Performance is currently June to August.

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