DeLorean EV

The DeLorean Motor Company has confirmed, with the help of an accompanying teaser image, that its new EV will debut at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours on 18 August.

DeLorean’s ‘EVolved’, an official “reinterpretation” of the DMC-12, was first previewed earlier this year in February, the company stating only that John DeLorean’s eponymous, ’81-’83 sports car would be “universal luxury reimagined.” Just a few weeks after that, DeLorean also confirmed that the EV would be showcased at Pebble Beach.

DeLorean EV

DeLorean EV

Now however, the EVolved, the production name of which will also be confirmed at Pebble Beach, is set to be unveiled three days before its official reveal on the Concours’ Award Ramp on 21 August in a bid to generate even more interest from potential buyers.

“Excitement is rising like the doors of our iconic sports car, and we are revealing the next generation prototype three days earlier than planned on the most prestigious stage at Pebble beach,” DeLorean CEO Troy Beetz explains.

This is the latest instalment of what’s set to be a long-running teaser campaign from DeLorean. This past Friday, the company shared a pixelated image of the EV’s rear three-quarters, a defined version of which DeLorean has since posted. The design from ItalDesign, the Giorgetto Giugiaro-founded design house behind the original DMC-12, reveals rear louvers, a stainless steel-esque silver paint finish, and tri-bar LED taillights, each of which pays tribute to the original DMC design. Grooves across the tail lip suggest a hydraulic rear spoiler may be included, and while no signs of the famous gullwing doors can be seen, the silhouette featured in the EV’s original teaser suggest these will be a prominent part of the finished look.

Alongside the EV, DeLorean is also set to showcase “three reimagined vehicles that span the last 40 years” at Pebble Beach, a claim to which the company has now added further weight by stating “the past, present, and future of DeLorean will unfold over the duration of Monterey Car Week.” This has led to speculation that a rolling concept of the long-lost Firestar 500 – the $100,000, 350 km/h follow-up to the DMC-12 that was announced, with renderings, at a Columbus press conference in August 1985 before DeLorean was handed yet another indictment – could also be showcased at the event.

“We will tell the world not only what’s next for DeLorean,” Beetz continues, “we also will show you the evolution of our designs for the last 40 years.”

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