Volvo FE Electric

DHL, the widely known logistics company, just announced plans to electrify its operations. Partnering with Volvo Trucks, DHL will begin converting its fleet to EVs with an initial order of 44 electric trucks.

This isn’t the first time DHL has expressed interest in electrification; in fact, the logistics brand was arguably one of the first companies in its industry to realize the potential of a fleet comprised of EVs. Beyond the environmental benefits of this shift, DHL seemingly recognized the potential cost savings associated with EVs overtime as gas prices rise and the maintenance needs of gas-powered trucks accumulate.

Volvo FL Electric

Volvo FL Electric

In 2014, DHL even bought an EV company called Streetscooter, to supply an influx of EVs for its own delivery feet. However, DHL recently sold the company to a new group called Odin Automotive, and is turning to suppliers for EVs instead.

With this in mind, Volvo Trucks and DHL have reportedly signed a cooperation agreement to “accelerate the shift to zero exhaust emission vehicles”, beginning with 44 new electric Volvo trucks for routes in Europe.

Volvo FE Electric

Volvo FE Electric

“We are committed to meet growing customer demand for green and sustainable solutions and achieve our long-term goal of net zero emissions by 2050. As a logistics service provider, the conversion of our vehicle fleet is an important lever to help us avoid CO2 emissions on the road as well,” commented Pablo Ciano, executive vice president for corporate development at Deutsche Post DHL Group in response to the news. “Several of our divisions will thus benefit from this agreement with Volvo Trucks. The order is going to be made primarily of Volvo FE and FL. The Volvo FL Electric is a 16-tonne truck that can be configured with different battery packs for a capacity between 100 and 300 kWh enabling a range of up to 300 km (186 miles). The FE is a little bigger and higher capacity.”

The order will also include four Volvo FM Electric trucks for use in “regional hauling” across the UK.

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