Mike Meyers as Dr. Evil in General Motors' Super Bowl ad

General Motor’s latest Super Bowl ad is particularly groovy, baby. The automaker has rounded up the villains from the Austin Powers film franchise to add a humorous, nostalgic flair to its “Everybody In” ad campaign, which promotes GM’s EV lineup.

In the ad, Austin Power’s iconic arch nemesis, Dr. Evil (Mike Meyers), is joined by Number Two (Rob Lowe), Frau Farbissina (Mindy Sterling), and Scott Evil (played by Seth Green), as they devise a plot to take over GM. With climate change emerging as the “biggest threat to Earth”, Dr. Evil and his companions plan to use GM’s Ultium Platform technology to combat climate change and, in turn, “reclaim their rightful spot as the number-one threat.”

Leading up to Sunday, GM has drummed up excitement with character intro clips, as well as a :30 ad featuring all of them together, with Dr. Evil trading his signature “1 million dollars” line for “1 million miles.”

This campaign should come as no surprise, as GM has been a long-time sponsor of the NFL, with an impressive portfolio of Super Bowl ads to prove it. Last year’s spot also placed a spotlight on GM’s electrification efforts, although the automaker has admittedly lagged behind competitors in terms of EV production and delivery. Fortunately, GM seems to be eyeing a touchdown in 2022 (see what we did there?) with a number of recent announcements regarding increased investment in Ultium Platform vehicles.

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