Ducati MotoE racer

In case you missed it, Ducati is now set to replace Energica (the Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer) next year as the “sole manufacturer of racing electric motorcycles for the FIM MotoE racing series.” The new racing electric motorcycle prototype, called the V21L, was first revealed in late December of 2021.

Speaking to this development, Ducati North America CEO Jason Chinnock hinted that big things are coming for the brand, as it strives to design and develop electric bikes for consumers in the near future. “Well, it would be premature for me to dig too deep into some of the technology right now because we actually haven’t released much about this product yet,” said Chinnock in an interview with Yahoo Finance. “But I could definitely tell you that what we’re going to develop in terms of the expertise and the technology through that racing series will be utilized for future street motorcycles.”

Ducati MotoE racer

Ducati MotoE racer

The motorcycle being replaced by Ducati’s new offering is the Energica Ego Corsa, which could hit speeds of up to 160 mph (257 km/h) during races, with a 147-hp liquid-cooled electric motor.

While Ducati has kept the specifics largely under wraps, it was noticed that the prototype featured single-speed setup with a chain drive running in line with the swingarm pivot. Otherwise, the electric motorcycle’s drivetrain details remain unknown. Presumably, fans will be especially curious to see Ducati’s battery pack technology, as this has been a hurdle for the company in the past.

Last summer, CEO Claudio Domenicali cited battery development as the company’s biggest hurdle. “Let’s say that at this moment the main complexity in making electric motorcycles with high performance and autonomy lies in the battery. So we are following with great attention the evolution of this component, and at this moment we are evaluating when and at what moment the amount of energy that can be stored in a battery will somehow make a product like a full scale electric motorcycle usable.”

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