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With the E-Transit electric commercial van enjoying its first full year of sales, Ford has released some interesting tidbits of information on the vehicle and its impact on the environment.

First off, almost 1,100 E-Transits were sold in Canada in the last 12 months with deliveries in every province, and it’s the best-selling electric van here, in the US and in Europe – though to be fair, there hasn’t been any real all-electric, small commercial van competition here just yet. Regardless, using data from Ford Pro, the company’s commercial telematics and services software, Ford found that E-Transit drivers have put on more than 19 million kilometres across Canada and the US, and that’s resulted in a saving of more than 2.8 million litres of gasoline, along with 4.3 million kg less CO2 in our atmosphere. And Ford says the E-Transit low-roof van could have 57 per cent less CO2 output over the course of its lifetime over an equivalent, gas-powered van.

Ford E-Transit with Pro Power Onboard

Ford E-Transit with Pro Power Onboard

Later this year, Mercedes-Benz will bring its eSprinter electric van to Canada and the US, and Stellantis is expected to join the show with an electric Ram Promaster van, all to give the E-Transit a run for its money. General Motors’ BrightDrop series of vans is also up and running now. But this kind of competition will simply offer more selection and vehicles to industry, and with these reduced emissions, that benefits everyone.

“Businesses looking to adopt battery electric technology is happening at a global scale, and E-Transit – along with the Ford Pro one-stop shop of software, services and charging solutions – is at the forefront of that revolution,” says Ted Cannis, Ford Pro CEO. “In its first year on the road, E-Transit has made an immediate impact, and we are just getting started.”

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