Charging an electric car

Good news for Canadian EV drivers — Electrify Canada is offering complimentary charging across its ultra-fast charging network starting Friday at 12:01am until Saturday at 3am. This initiative was created to celebrate the sustainability benefits of EVs, while encouraging EV drivers to charge up for free and share their experience on social using #ChargeOnEarth.

The cherry on top? Electrify Canada is also offering $65.00 off its HomeStation Level 2 home charger from until April 30, when purchased through the Electrify Home site using promotion code CHARGEONEARTH. This is a great option for EV drivers looking to streamline their charging sessions with overnight charging functionality at home. For those unfamiliar, the HomeStation offers an adjustable charging power of up to 40 amps, along with charging speeds of up to 9.6kW for capable vehicles. This amounts to 53 km of range per hour of charging.

“Driving an electric vehicle is something that individuals can do every day to live more sustainably,” says Robert Barrosa, senior director of sales, business development & marketing for the company. “Electrify Canada is happy to provide a little thank you to those who have already made the commitment to drive electric and help advance the goal of a more sustainable future.”

Currently, the Electrify Canada charging network spans 30 stations across Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Each charging station offers capable vehicles charging speeds up to 150kW and 350kW, which is the fastest charging speed available in Canada. Notably, over the next four years, Electrify Canada plans to expand to more than 100 charging stations with over 500 individual chargers.

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