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It’s been a big problem for EV drivers looking for a battery top-up: locating a charger close in their area, only to find it’s out of order when they get there. If you have a low battery already and especially if you’re on a longer trip, this could be catastrophic.

So, in an effort to enhance the experience of EV drivers and improve the reliability of EV charging stations, Electrify Canada has established a variety of key quality initiatives to ensure a seamless charging experience for customers. Included in these initiatives is a Roaming EV Test Fleet program, which is comprised of nine teams of inspectors.

The Roaming EV Test Fleet is made up of electrical and software engineers, technical specialists, and some customer service agents. Each inspector is trained to complete extensive field tests on Electrify Canada chargers, ensuring each charging cable, card reader and more will help provide a smooth charging experience. The team also inspects the stations to ensure all equipment and aesthetics are in top working order including the chargers themselves, power cabinets, transformers, lighting, EV charging parking stencil signage and more.

“Customers need to be able to count on the convenience, reliability, and speed of our charging stations to help instill range confidence as drivers transition to an EV lifestyle,” said the company in an official press release. “This cross-functional system strives to identify, diagnose and resolve impacts before the customer interacts with the charger.”

The program was first launched in 2021, and currently performs more than 20,000 charger tests each year, with Canadian stations reportedly being tested as frequently as every two months.

This initiative plays an integral role in Electrify Canada’s (and Electrify America’s) ongoing efforts to provide convenient and reliable charging stations to customers across Canada and the United States. In 2021, the Electrify Canada network registered more than 1.45 million customer charging sessions in North America – five times the customer charging sessions over 2020.

“We take pride in the fact that experienced and new EV drivers, along with those just considering electric transportation, can feel a sense of confidence knowing our growing network has them covered for all charging needs. With the expansion of the Electrify Canada and Electrify America networks, quality and customer satisfaction remain the top priority with continuous improvement as our goal.”

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