Evetta Openair

German independent ElectricBrands has introduced a convertible version of its electric, Isetta-inspired Evetta compact car.

Limited to just 999 examples, the Openair will be an even rarer sight on European roads than the closed-top Evetta Prima, of which 1954 examples – a nod to BMW’s mid-50s takeover of Italian founder Iso and eventual mass-production of ‘the bubble car’ – are up for grabs. Like its forebear, the Openair has been designed primarily for everyday use in and around the city, though ElectricBrands has been pushing the “fun” element of its new micro convertible.

Evetta Openair

Evetta Openair

Significantly, the starting MSRP for the Openair – a suitably quirky €33,333 (around $43,900), plus VAT – is close to double the €19,540 ($25,700-ish) being asked for the Evetta Prima, and there’s a €3,333 ($4,300) reservation fee required, too.

Granted, the convertible’s heavy redesign no doubt plays its part: the removal of the roof in its entirety means the ‘Standard’ chassis has received significant structural support, and unlike the Prima, into which one steps via a hinged door at the front, the Openair features two ‘standard’ doors for both driver and passenger. A soft top canopy is also provided, though this has to be raised and stowed manually.



Technical details are few and far between, save only that the 18 kWh battery is the largest example used by Evetta, a step up from the 14 kWh example at the heart of the Prima. Rather hilariously, the Openair apparently offers both ‘Eco’ and ‘Sport’ modes!

Admittedly the retro look does overwhelm a surprising amount of contemporary kit. The headlamps are LEDs, and work in tandem with daytime running lights. While there’s only one speaker (which, in fairness, is removable and can be used with Bluetooth), the onboard infotainment system is Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatible, the interior features “genuine leather seats,” there’s a rearview camera, cruise control, keyless entry via an official Evetta app, and the bench seat is heated. There’s even a “creative motor sound” that gives the electric motor a rortier note when you pluck up the courage to use Sport mode, and, apparently, room in the back for luggage.

Unsurprisingly, the Evetta Openair won’t be making its way to North America any time soon. Prospective European customers though could expect their examples as early as next year when production begins at ElectricBrands’ main facility in Göttingen, Germany.

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