The EVgo charging network – an expansive DC fast-charging network that serves drivers across major-metropolitan cities – is now receiving support from General Motors to expand the project, with a goal of tripling the EVgo network in the US by 2025.

With this partnership, the project aims to build a total of 3,250 DC fast-charging stalls (compared to the original goal of 2,750) with plans to reach 52 metropolitan markets (compared to the original goal of 40). The build-out is moving along at a promising pace, with over 2,000 charging sites already in the engineering and construction stage.

Notably, the EVgo network aims to build-out the EV charging infrastructure in major cities, to make the shift to electric more convenient than ever before. The current network features some Tesla connectors as well, and helps to bridge the gap between long-distance networks like Tesla’s Supercharger network and Electrify America. To better gauge and manage demand, EVgo is taking reservations to ensure busy charging locations have availability when drivers need them. GM’s participation will provide fast-charging options for drivers who live in multi-unit dwellings who might not otherwise have access to reliable at-home charging options.

EVgo shares that the new stations will deliver up to 350 kw, which gives drivers 150 miles of range after just eight to 12 minutes of charging. Not only that, but earlier this week EVgo announced a discount program with Uber, to provide drivers with a discount of up to 30 per cent versus the traditional pay-as-you-go rates available on the network.

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