2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Since its announcement, the Ford F-150 Lightning has garnered no shortage of attention, especially after we learned that the electrified pickup truck would offer bi-directional charging. This highly anticipated feature allows the truck to send power back to power a home in the case of an outage, or even to another vehicle (and anything else it could plug into). Ford has finally released the pricing of the Home Integration System required to unlock the bi-directional charging functionality but, at US$3,895, the sticker price might shock some drivers.

Back in March, Ford revealed the specs for its home charging station, the Ford Charge Station Pro, which costs US$1,310. At the time, this was well received; although this is more expensive than most home charging solutions, the 80-amp rating and the assumption that it offered bi-directional charging seemingly justified its cost. However, it was noted that the charger would need to be combined with the Ford Integration System through Ford’s partner, Sunrun, but the price of that system had not then been clarified.

Ford F-150 Lightning home charging

Ford F-150 Lightning home charging

“The Home Integration System is required to truly take advantage of two-way power flow of F-150 Lightning. This system consists of an inverter, transfer switch and battery, and will be sold through Sunrun for [US]$3,895, with installation costs dependent on your personal home setup,” shared Matthew Stover, Ford’s director of Charging and Energy Services. “When the power goes out, the system automatically disconnects from the utility line and switches over to Ford Intelligent Backup Power so that the truck can send power to your house.”

This feature may prove to be a luxury some Ford drivers can’t afford, especially for Standard Range F-150 Lightning drivers who have to purchase both the charger and the Home Integration System along with their vehicle. Combined, the Ford Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System will cost US$5,200 in hardware alone, before installation. So far, Canadian pricing has not been released.

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