The Discoverberry Bundle for Porsche Taycan

If you’re a Porsche Taycan enthusiast, are partial to off-road weekends in the forests, and currently have $370,000 burning a hole in your North Face trouser pockets, then Norway’s Db Equipment have some incredibly specific good news for you.

It’s an all-electric Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, more specifically one with a Strøm 2385L Rooftop Tent mounted on top aimed at customers who want to “stop breathing in polluted city air and explore the world as you see fit.”

The Discoverberry Bundle for Porsche Taycan

The Discoverberry Bundle for Porsche Taycan

The “streamlined” tent itself, designed in-house by luxury travel apparatus designer Db Equipment, is made using Strøm Family camping cloth to a lightweight and breathable design. The tent is said to be large enough for two occupants.

The Porsche meanwhile – or at least the model shown – features front-mounted floodlights for that Group B rally look, as well as a bespoke livery finished in the colours of Db’s new ‘Raspberry Edition’ range.

The Cross Turismo was introduced by Porsche in March this year as a more versatile example of the Taycan that is “more adept when the conditions are challenging”. It was no rock-crawler or Dakar-wannabe, but it meant Porsche owners could deviate – slightly – off the beaten track if and when they chose to. The Cross Turismo features dual-motor all-wheel drive with beefier battery capacity, higher ground clearance and subtly revised air suspension, a larger trunk, and a flatter roofline that both boosted cabin headroom and provided space to transport bulkier items. There’s even an optional rear-mounted bike rack available.

The Discoverberry Bundle for Porsche Taycan

The Discoverberry Bundle for Porsche Taycan

Alongside the car and tent, the Discoverberry Bundle includes select camping equipment (chair, table, camping stove, etc) that can all be folded and stored on the EV’s roof. You’ll also receive Raspberry Editions of the Strøm 60L Roller Bag and Strøm 30L Backpack valued at $339 and $249 respectively.

One slight stumbling block to the Discoverberry Bundle though (yes, we really did manage to find one … cough …) concerns the actual edition of Taycan you’ll receive for that $370K, bearing in mind the top tier 625-horsepower Turbo S retails from $218,000 and prices for the entry level 380-hp Taycan 4 Cross Turismo start $100K less than that at $119,900. No details are provided either as to whether potential customers can spec their Taycans themselves.

Db Equipment’s Discoverberry Bundle, available for sale since mid-October, arrived just a few weeks before Porsche officially unveiled the brand new GTS and GTS Sport Turismo versions of the Taycan, the latter of which is the third body version we’ve seen so far of Porsche’s premium all-electric sports car.

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