Fiat 600e

Everyone deserves a little Italian flair in their lives, and Stellantis now offers you a plug-in version for your driveway. The company’s Fiat brand has just unveiled the 600e, a subcompact, all-electric crossover.

Fiat 600e

Fiat 600e

The five-door 600e will likely compete against other EV crossovers such as the Volvo EX30 and, in Europe, the MG 4 and, oddly, the Ora Funky Cat. With a 54 kWh battery, it’s rated at 402 km of range on the European WLTP combined cycle, and almost 600 km on the WLTP city cycle; those numbers will drop once (or if) the crossover is rated by the EPA in North America, but they’re still pretty impressive. Charging is limited to 100 kW, which will get the battery to 80 per cent in less than an hour.

Fiat 600e La Prima

Fiat 600e La Prima

The single electric motor is rated for 115 kW (154 hp), getting the crossover to 100 km/h in a leisurely 9 seconds flat.

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The 600e is available in two flavours: the (Red) base model and the La Prima top-end version. While (Red) does come in red, with black and white also available, the name refers to the organization (Red), which fights the AIDS disease. La Prima comes in colours the automaker says recall “Italian beauty and natural landscapes: Sun of Italy, Sea of Italy, Earth of Italy, Sky of Italy.”

The Fiat 600e will be available in Europe later this year; there’s no word yet if or when it will reach Canada. No pricing has been announced.

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