Fisker Ronin

The Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV only began deliveries in June, and already the company’s founder, Henrik Fisker, has outlined an extended lineup of EVs we can expect from the fledgling automaker. And one of them is advertised as ‘Built for a category of one’: the Ronin all-electric, four-door convertible GT sports car.

Fisker Ronin

Fisker Ronin

The sleek EV was unveiled last week during the brand’s Product Vision Day 2023 event, but Fisker revealed more details about the GT, which it says will boast 1,000 horsepower and a range of almost 1,000 kilometres, a carbon fibre hard-top convertible roof and seating for five. The roof and four doors (suicide-style in the rear) can be opened with a smartphone.

“The Fisker Ronin is for people who love to drive, but who are also thrilled by automotive art and design and demand that their high-performance vehicles embrace a sustainable future,” says Henrik Fisker. “Our goal was to create a classic grand touring car, updated for the 21st century and engineered for customers who want to drive from Los Angeles to Napa Valley on a single charge or take on the autobahn at steady high speeds without concern for battery capacity.”

Fisker Ronin

Fisker Ronin

The Fisker Ronin is also for people who have a very large bank account, as its starting price is an eye-popping US$385,000. Only 999 vehicles will be built – all by hand – with deliveries planned for later in 2025. Reservations are open for the Ronin on the Fisker website, starting at US$2,000 – but if you wanted two, the second reservation is a bargain at just $1,000.

Also unveiled at the event were the Pear small EV and the Alaska all-electric pickup, which the company says will start at US$29,900 and US$45,400, respectively, and both are planned for a 2025 production start.

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