Ford Escape Room game in a Mustang Mach-E

Gamers, brace yourselves. Ford has just unveiled a ‘spy-themed’ concept game that allows Mustang Mach-E owners to turn their EVs an escape room, of sorts. Thanks to an interactive game added to the Mach-E’s centre touchscreen, drivers can “use functions within the EV to guide the driver and its passenger(s) on a secret mission to deliver a package.”

Ford of Europe, who developed the concept in a collective effort with Ford’s Software Enablement & Research team, first revealed the news and noted that the game was developed to help drivers become more familiar with the functionalities of their EVs. When the game is activated, players are given tasks prompted through the vehicle’s speaker system. Some of the Mach-E functions that operate during the escape room game include the electric seats, hands-free tailgate, air conditioning system and headlights.

Looking to the future, there is potential for this concept to play an educational role for drivers, specifically to teach good driving habits or, in some cases, fix bad habits. Moreover, the interactive experience could provide entertainment options for Mach-E drivers in the future while at charging stations.

“This is a bit of fun that has a serious side, as it shows just what could be possible with the technology we have in cars today,” said Carsten Starke, a technical expert interior materials & customer experience within Ford’s Research & Advanced Engineering team. “Having the ability to create interaction between vehicle and driver could open up new ways to explore other possibilities in the future, like an interactive owner’s manual or even driver coaching.”

Ford also hinted that this new interactive feature could be used as an entertainment tool within autonomous EVs in the near future.

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