Rivian R1T

Despite previous plans for a collaboration between Rivian and Ford in the development of a Lincoln electric SUV, Ford has confirmed that they will be developing independently of the truck-focused EV start-up.

Originally, it was reported that Rivian and Ford would co-develop a new, electric Lincoln SUV based on Rivian’s skateboard platform. The model, it was presumed, would be closely related to the Rivian R1S.

In April last year, Ford revealed that this project was no longer in the works; however, the automaker still intended to engage with Rivian for “a future alternative vehicle based on the platform”.

In an interview with Automotive News late last week, Ford CEO Jim Farley set the record straight when speaking to the future of the two companies. “We want to invest in Rivian — we love their future as a company — but at this point we’re going to develop our own vehicles,” revealed Farley.

Ford owns approximately 12 per cent of Rivian, which currently has a higher market valuation than Ford. In his interview, Farley made sure to note that the relationship between both companies remains incredibly positive and cooperative, even if the details of their future collaboration remain under wraps, for now. Farley also revealed that Ford had faced difficulties trying to “marry Rivian’s electric architecture with Ford’s embedded software” which could explain the change in plans.

On Thursday, Ford also revealed plans to effectively double its EV production plans through 2023 so, Rivian partnership or not, the automakers is making notable moves towards an exciting electric future.

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