2025 Ford Ranger PHEV

Truck fans will have a new electrified choice in a couple years that should put a serious dent in fuel costs and emissions. Ford has announced it will bring a Ranger PHEV pickup to market in 2025. The caveat? It’s developed for the global market and won’t be available for North America – yet.

The all-new mid-sized pickup will feature the 2.3L four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, which is what’s already found in the current pickup. But it will also sport a battery (the size of which has not been revealed) and an electric motor, and Ford says the Ranger PHEV will get up to 45 km of all-electric range.

2025 Ford Ranger PHEV

2025 Ford Ranger PHEV

The automaker also says the PHEV will have more torque than any other Ranger on offer; while, again, there are no numbers, the current Ranger is rated at 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque.

For the first time, the Ranger PHEV will also feature the brand’s Pro Power Onboard, which feeds off the battery for a plug-in power source for tools, camping or other needs. The current F-150 offers a 2.0 kWh version, the F-150 Hybrid gets a 2.4 kWh version and the F-150 Lightning boasts a whopping 7.2 kWh. There’s no word on the upcoming power rating to be found on the Ranger.

2025 Ford Ranger PHEV

2025 Ford Ranger PHEV

Ford also says the Ranger PHEV will also offer ‘essential next-generation Ranger towing, off-road and payload attributes.’ Braked towing capacity is confirmed at more than 7,700 lbs, and more information will be available closer to production.

The new Ford Ranger PHEV will start production in 2024 with deliveries beginning the next year – but again, not for North America. But we at The Charge wouldn’t bet against seeing a Ranger PHEV here around the same time. With Ford offering hybrid versions of its compact Maverick and full-size F-150 pickups, as well as an all-electric F-150 Lightning, the Ranger will inevitably get a battery here of some sort soon.

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