Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat

Updated with Canadian pricing

Ford has re-opened orders for the F150 Lightning in North America owing to massive customer interest, albeit with increased MSRPs.

Here in Canada, the XLT is now $11k more expensive, starting at $79,000. The Lariat is up $10k for a price bump to $90,000, while the top-line Platinum is an extra $11k up to $121,000. The base Pro, which was not available to this point in Canada, will start at $67,000 and will arrive in the fall.

Ford announced earlier this year that production numbers had been adjusted for a second time in the wake of enormous customer interest, with first customer deliveries began in May, one month after the model’s official launch in North America. More than 4,400 examples having already been sold. The price increases are owing to what Ford calls “significant material cost increases and other factors”

Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum

Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum

The next wave of US reservation holders can order any one of seven different trim levels, ranging from the entry level Pro for just under US$47,000 to the top of the range Platinum Extended Range from up to US$97,000.

The Lightning’s new US prices range from between US$6,000 to US$8,500 more than the starting prices for previous reservation holders. Among the ‘least’ affected are the XLT High and the range-topping Platinum Extended Range, which have both increased US$6,000 to US$80,974 and US$96,874 respectively. The XLT High / Extended Range and the Lariat Extended Range meanwhile receive the biggest hit, both totting up US$8,500 more than before at US$80,974 and US$85,974 respectively. Finally, the XLT receives a standalone US$6,500 adjustment up to US$59,474. These increases are on top of standard delivery and destination fees.

Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat

Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat

Ford has also explained that the original MSRPs will be honoured for orders that have already been received in the US.

Pro US$46,974
XLT US$59,474
XLT High US$68,474
XLT High / Extended Range US$80,974

Lariat US$74,474
Lariat Extended Range US$85,974
Platinum Extended Range US$96,874

Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford F-150 Lightning

In an effort to offset these higher MSRPs, Ford has confirmed that select trims in the US, when fitted with a 98 kWh standard-range battery (‘Extended Range’ and ‘Platinum’ models come as standard with the larger 131 kWh battery), will receive a range boost of 10 miles up to 240 miles (around 386 km) and can be ordered with Ford’s Pro Trailer Hitch Assist technology: working in tandem with the rear-view camera, a black dotted line helps the driver align the hitch and trailer more accurately. Two new exterior paint colours have also been introduced.

Again though, Ford does state that high demand and global supply chain issues mean the Pro Trailer Hitch Assist may be unavailable for some customers when they place their order.

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