Ford of Europe EV lineup

Ford of Europe has big plans for an electric future, as the automaker just teased not one, but three passenger EVs set to arrive sometime in 2024 alongside the crowd-favourite Mustang Mach-E. In announcement made this week, Ford revealed plans for a Puma EV, as well as a “medium-size crossover” and a “sports crossover.”

The midsize crossover, which will be assembled in Cologne, Germany, will reportedly be unveiled this year and will be available for purchase in 2023. Ford assures us that this new EV will deliver 500 kilometres of range on a single charge, and will likely be similar to the Volkswagen ID.4.

Details of the sport crossover remain under wraps, but it’s assumed that this EV may resemble a “performance version of the midsize vehicle.” Like the midsize EV, the sports crossover will also be built in Cologne, but with a later assembly timeline of 2024.

2022 Ford Puma

2022 Ford Puma

Finally, the Puma will be assembled in Craiova, Romani, and is set to arrive in 2024. This timing is undeniably strategic, as the zero-emissions Puma will complement the mild-hybrid versions of the regular Puma. In the announcement, Ford mentions its Turkish arm Ford Otosan “will assume ownership of the Craiova plant and manufacturing business.”

These new models will join Ford’s commercial production line-up, which includes the Transit Courier, Tourneo Courier, Transit Custom, Tourneo Custom, and E-Transit EVs which will be available by 2024. Notably, by 2026, Ford aims to sell more than 600,000 EVs per year in the region. To support these plans, Ford of Europe will have a new, US$2 billion battery assembly facility up and running in Turkey by 2024.

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