General Motors is eyeing the prospect of building a small, all-electric pickup around the US$30,000 price point, according to a report.

Automotive News says it has seen the small truck at GM’s “affordable EV design studio” in Warren, Michigan. It’s described as futuristic and sporty, with a low roofline, a 4- or 4.5-foot bed, and smaller than the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. It also has just two doors instead of the now-standard four. GM officials gave no indication of a name, what brand the pickup will fall under, or when we will see it on the road.

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The publication also says it has seen marketing images behind the pickup, which showed people using it for recreational activities.

GM is relying heavily on customer feedback in the designs of its upcoming electric vehicles, according to Michael Pevovar, director of Chevrolet affordable EV and crossover design.

“The input may come back that it’s just too small, and that’s OK,” he told reporters. “Maybe [it won’t be] right for what this architecture can provide, but does it have legs for different architecture where it might need to be a little bigger?”

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