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The City of Toronto is joining forces with Toronto Hydro to install 32 more on-street EV charging stations before the end of the year. According to the announcement, the charging stations will be spread across 17 residential on-street locations, where houses do not have access to private parking lots or on-property garages.

“Locations were selected because they have enough capacity for dedicated EV parking spots, which allows for easy installation with minimal disruption to pedestrians and the community,” the city said. The announcement identified the following locations:

• 535 Runnymede Road
• 64 Annette Street
• 115 High Park Avenue
• 685 Dovercourt Road
• 705 Shaw Street
• 41 Inglewood Drive
• 39 Cuthbert Crescent
• 580 Christie Street
• 186 Carlton Street
• 188 Carlton Street
• 453 Jones Avenue
• 503 Jones Avenue
• 132 Chatham Avenue
• 258 Riverdale Avenue
• 31 Roseheath Avenue
• 543 Strathmore Boulevard
• 1856 Queen Street East

“The expansion of public on-street EV charging infrastructure in Toronto supports the goals and targets of the City’s TransformTO Net Zero climate action strategy and will encourage and make EV adoption more affordable by increasing access for households with limited ability to install on-site charging or who have less access to on-site dedicated parking opportunities,” read the news release.

The city also noted that during pilot projects, EV charging station usage increased for downtown from an average monthly of 0.24 per cent in October 2020 to 35.3 per cent in April 2022. Officials reportedly saw a similar increase for charging stations in other areas. This uptick in EV charging usage should come as no surprise, as a number of Toronto residents find themselves making the switch to electric amidst increasingly high pas prices.

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