LEVC's TX London Black Cab

London black cabs are as much a part of the UK capital city as its red telephone booths and Big Ben. But they are now also an indicator of London’s commitment to lowering greenhouse gases within city limits, as half of the city’s fleet have now gone all electric.

LEVC's TX London Black Cab

LEVC’s TX London Black Cab

LEVC, the Geely subsidiary that builds the TX electric black cab, and Transport for London (TfL), the organization behind the taxis, have just made the announcement that of the 14,690 licensed taxis in the capital, 7,972 are battery electric vehicles. LEVC supplies most of the electric cabs to TfL.

LEVC's TX London Black Cab

LEVC’s TX London Black Cab

“London’s black taxis are recognized worldwide and we are proud to see that so many drivers are helping clean up our air and assist us in tackling the city’s health emergency by driving zero emission capable vehicles,” says Helen Chapman, Director of Licensing and Regulation for TfL. “Reaching this milestone is a great reflection of how London is working hard to be a greener, more sustainable, environmentally friendly city.”

Since 2018, the TfL has required that all new licensed cabs be zero emission vehicles. And since 2020, older licensed cabs with fossil-fuel engines have been required to pay a daily rate of £12.50 (more than $21) per day to operate in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone.

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