LiveWire Del Mar

Around the world, more consumers are considering making the switch to electric but, if Harley-Davidson is any indication, the demand for EVs isn’t limited to cars. The Milwaukee-based brand just released its next lower-cost electric motorcycle from its all-electric subsidiary, LiveWire, and the limited edition Del Mar sold out in a mere 18 minutes.

Harley-Davidson fans likely remember that the brand’s first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire One, began taking orders nearly four years ago. While the motorcycle was highly regarded in terms of performance and style, the significant sticker shock of that electric bike ($37,250) left some consumers feeling disappointed. As such, there had been a great deal of anticipation regarding Harley-Davidson’s next release.

LiveWire Del Mar

LiveWire Del Mar

The limited-edition Del Mar S2 electric motorcycle was released in a “small and exclusive block” of just 100 “Launch Edition” bikes, which were priced at US$2,700 more than the base model price of US$15,000. From what we can tell, this version of the electric motorcycle promises riders a unique numbered plate and colour way.

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The Del Mar, which reportedly offers a limited city range of 160 km, is expected to be followed by an S3 model (not yet named) that will be built on the same ARROW platform. The S3 model is rumoured to be an even lighter-weight bike than the Del Mar, which may be marketed as an attractive option for young urban-dwellers looking for a fun transportation option in an increasingly electric world.

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