Honda HR-V

Honda has confirmed that its newest hybrid SUV will be called the ZR-V.

Announced in March as part of Honda’s “electric vision,” the ZR-V is one of three new electrified models scheduled to arrive in Europe in 2023: the hybrid, C-segment ZR-V will sit between hybrid / PHEV versions of the new CR-V and HR-V on Honda’s line-up.

The newly-named ZR-V will be powered by Honda’s e:HEV hybrid powertrain, a system that combines compact electric motors, from which the majority of the propulsion is provided, with a petrol engine. The latter is primarily used as a generator for the electric motors and the lithium-ion battery, but can also send power to the front axle under hard acceleration.

Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V

Though this decision means the new ZR-V will run using “proven… full hybrid technology,” it’s not yet been confirmed what configuration the e:HEV will take: the hybrid Civic for example, which also uses the e:HEV system, runs a 2.0-litre four-cylinder alongside the electric motors, though it’s more probable the ZR-V will use the 1.5-litre example found the HR-V.

Though no renders or teaser images of the ZR-V have been released yet, it’s likely the C-segment hybrid SUV will share many of new HR-V’s design traits, teased in January and revealed in March. These include the sleek headlamps, Honda’s more modern front grille, and voluminous air intakes in the front bumper.

An all-electric B-segment SUV, previewed as the ‘e:Ny1 Prototype,’ is also on its way for 2023, affirming Honda’s claim that both this model and the ZR-V “marks an important evolution in the Honda line up, with the brand concentrating even further on this rapidly growing segment.”

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