Following Nissan’s recent promotion of its ‘Ambition 2030’ strategy, premium sister brand Infiniti has pledged its own commitment to electrification within the coming decade …sort of.

In a new promotional trailer, Infiniti confirms that most of its product range will feature electrified counterparts by 2030, but stops short of stating that electrification will be a factor across all of its vehicles. During the below soundbite for example, an unidentified, low-slung coupe – veiled heavily in shadow – is presented on-screen, followed swiftly by a shot of a high-revving tachometer.

“While the majority of Infiniti’s vehicles, by 2030, will be electrified. We will not let the size of our battery alone define us. But rather empower customers to choose the power source that fits their lifestyle.

“Inspired by our Japanese heritage, hospitality comes first and second.”

Tellingly, the trailer rounds out with three similarly camouflaged models – one a crossover, the other two a low-slung sedan and a coupe, emphasizing the “diverse” message of the trailer – driving ‘on the horizon’. As they do so, the following, multi-national voiceover, provided by Infiniti employees from around the globe, plays over the top:

“At its core, Infiniti is forward-looking, with every eye-pointing towards the future. And that future is one of inclusiveness. A future that elevates and celebrates all those that dare to be different.”

While keenly promoting the sustainable message of its parent company’s Ambition 2030, Infiniti’s new trailer seems instead to focus more on “seamlessly integrating technology” and the “thoughtful hospitality” of its next generation product line, as opposed to exhaustive development of EV technology at the heart of Nissan’s own electrification strategy. As much appears to be suggested in an accompanying, official statement from Infiniti Chairman, Peyman Kargar.

“Today, we announce that not only will most of the vehicles we sell by 2030 be electrified, but also that those vehicles will embody our unique take on modern Japanese luxury. They will be daring, forward, and centred around the human experience.”

One does wonder if Infiniti is readying itself to drop three new, “technically innovative” concept cars where internal combustion is the dominant driving force.

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