Lineup of Tesla cars outside

While Tesla has been making headlines each week for record-breaking sales and highly anticipated new models (like the long-awaited Cybertruck), the company has also faced a number of production delays. Most recently, fans of the company have been eager to receive an update on the production of the Model Y, which was supposed to begin production by the end of 2021 at the company’s new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

Finally, it seems, we might have a clue. Recently, over half a dozen new Tesla Model Y vehicles were spotted outside the Texas Gigafactory, which begs the question – has production officially begun?

In the drone image tweeted by Jeff Roberts (@peterdog15), the Model Ys look brand new. However, we have no official confirmation that they were built or produced at the Gigafactory, which has been positioned as a key part of Tesla’s growth in 2022. After missing the Q4 deadline, it seems likely that Tesla is eager to catch up on the production schedule for the Model Y.

Notably, the Tesla Model Y vehicles will feature Tesla’s new structural battery pack and 4680 battery cells. This new technology involves the production of large cylindrical cells, which are then packaged into a single module battery pack that also acts as the structural platform on which the vehicle’s body is installed. Elon Musk himself has praised the technology for being a “manufacturing revolution” in the automotive industry.

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