Fisker Ocean

During the Los Angeles Auto Show earlier this week, Fisker – an automaker known for their production of sustainable electric vehicles and advanced mobility solutions – gave the world another sneak peak of it’s new, all-electric SUV: the Fisker Ocean.

The all-electric SUV offers recycled carpeting, interior and solar roof and, according to CEO Henrik Fisker, the EV will get between 250 and 300 miles (400 km to 480 km) per charge. “With our solar roof, we estimate in good weather conditions, like in California, drivers can get up to 1,500 [added] miles per year – of course, emission-free miles,” shares Fisker with Business Daily Africa. “In super conditions, and with a slow driving commute, you could even get up to 2,000 miles.” This, Fisker assures us, is only a small piece of what makes the Fisker Ocean “the world’s most sustainable car”.

“The most sustainable car in the world means going way beyond making an electric car. For example, we’ve used multiple recycled materials in the interior,” explains Fisker, including recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets. “We ultimately want to go to a fully carbon-neutral car, but this, we believe, could be the world’s most sustainable vehicle.”

According to the automaker’s official press release, the Fisker Ocean officially starts production on November 17, 2022, at the Graz, Austria factory of Fisker’s manufacturing partner, Magna-Steyr. According to Fisker, the Ocean will feature innovative technology, extensive use of sustainable materials, impressive performance, and the kind of timeless yet dynamic design that Henrik Fisker – who has penned for BMW and Aston Martin – is known for. The vehicle will be priced from US$34,799, before federal and state tax credits and incentives.

Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean

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