2021 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon 4xe

This year’s sixth annual Rebelle Rally, a gruelling 1,400 mile, eight-day trek across the Nevada and California deserts, will include Jeep’s 4xe plug-in hybrids.

Eighteen teams (almost a third of all) will be using a Jeep, and of those, three will be in Jeep’s PHEV.

The Rebelle Rally is the longest competitive off-road rally in the US and the first women’s off-road navigation rally in the country. The use of GPS, cell phones and internet are prohibited; it’s skill and precision driven opposed to speed, drawing upon the teams attention to detail and awareness.

“The Jeep brand has proudly supported the Rebelle Rally since day one,” says Jim Morrison, vice-president, Jeep Brand North America. “Freedom, adventure and capability are core to the Jeep brand’s values, and the Rebelle Rally is the epitome of adventure and capability. It’s the perfect venue to showcase our Jeep 4xe capability along with the capabilities of our female teams.”

Rebelle Rally Jeep Factory Team 4xeVenture (#129) of Nena Barlow (right) and Teralin Petereit will compete in the Jeep Wrangler 4xe in the 6th annual rally, which covers more than 1,400 miles through the Nevada and California deserts.

The 4xe has up to 21 miles of all-electric range, enhanced 4×4 off-road chops, fully articulating suspension, 762 milimetres of water fording capabilities and wears the famous “Trail Rated” badge.

Emily Miller, Founder of the Rebelle Rally says: “When we started this event in 2016, we had two goals: to create the ultimate, women-only, off-road competition and adventure, and to create an event that showcases just how capable stock vehicles can be.”

As Jeep continues to upshift towards zero emissions, putting the 4xe through extreme proving grounds is a unique way of showcasing its capabilities.

“Not only is the Wrangler 4xe powerful, it’s also very versatile and efficient — all of these are critical attributes for success in the Rally,” said Nena Barlow of team No. 129. “With both electric and gas energy available, we won’t worry about range at all, even when I am gunning it in the dunes.”

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