Tesla Cybertruck

There has been no shortage of buzz surrounding Tesla’s Cybertruck since it was first announced, and now, we are getting our first real glimpse at the futuristic EV and how it will deviate from the original prototype. In a video that was leaked over the weekend, posted to Cybertruck Owners’ Club forum, fans are noticing a few notable design changes.

The overall aesthetic that we were introduced to via the original prototype has remained, including the large flat body panels and sharp angles that give the Cybertruck an undeniably futuristic edge. However, the rims seen in these photos appear to be different than the wheels recently spotted via drone footage of Tesla’s test track, as well as the original wheels seen on the prototype.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

Specifically, these rims bear a striking resemblance to the Model 3 standard wheels. Upon closer look, we realize that this wheel design is actually the same design as the original prototype; however, this is the first time we are seeing it without the aerodynamic wheel covers.

As for side mirrors, Tesla would reportedly like to ship the Cybertruck without side mirrors, and has designed them to be “easy to remove should regulations be updated to allow cameras instead of traditional mirrors.” The expansive front windshield of the vehicles (which now looks to be slightly curved) also features a massive windshield wiper in the form of a large blade on the driver’s side of the windshield. There have been rumours of a new electromagnetic wiper system in development at Tesla, which may appear on the Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

The video also reveal a lack of door handles – a person in the video says you can either use your phone as a key to open the doors, or Tesla will give you a credit card-type key.

Finally, it appears as though the top edge of the headlights, which previously jutted out in angular fashion, as been brought back slightly in an effort to appeal to safety regulations in the case of a crash.

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