The well known ride-share platform, Lyft, has announced new incentives, including additional earnings opportunities and charging discounts, to encourage more drivers to go electric.

According to studies, ride-hailing trips can result in significantly higher pollution rates at times. To this effect, a Carnegie Mellon study found that on a per-trip basis, greenhouse gas emissions from ride-hailing can be about 20 per cent higher than if you took your own car.

With this in mind, Lyft previously announced a goal of having 100 per cent electric vehicles on the road by 2030. However, getting drivers into EVs at an appropriate rate may be a challenge.

“We know many drivers on Lyft want to switch to EVs, which is why we’re focused on addressing the biggest barriers they face in transitioning: upfront costs and access to charging,” shred Paul Augustine, Lyft’s director of sustainability. “These offerings are the latest in many steps we are taking to support drivers in switching to an EV on Lyft.”

Lyft’s new “suite of offerings,” includes the following perks:

– Earnings incentive: Drivers (only in California) can earn up to $150 extra per week by giving 50 rides in their electric vehicles. Earnings bonuses can be kept week after week until they hit $8,100.

– Fast charging discounts: A new partnership with EVgo will give drivers a discount (up to 45 per cent off) on charging when they link their Lyft account.

– Cashback for charging: Drivers can earn up to 7 per cent cashback on public charging with the company’s Lyft Direct card.

– Home charging discounts: Another new partnership with Wallbox allows for a Lyft-specific discount on Level 2 home charger hardware.

In addition, Lyft is also reportedly working with its partners to add thousands of new, crowd-favourite electric vehicles to its rental program as soon as next year.

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