Magna EtelligentForce

Magna International is highlighting its EtelligentForce technology – a “4WD EV powertrain system designed specifically for pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles.” Magna explains that its unique electric drivetrain was designed to maintain a pickup’s full capabilities, without compromising the payload or towing capacities traditionally offered by gas-powered pickups. Specifically, this technology allows electrified pickups to tow up to 14,500 pounds.

Magna EtelligentForce

Magna EtelligentForce

For those unfamiliar, Magna International, based in Canada, is the largest automotive part supplier in North America, and the third-largest in the world. Magna manufactures “all aspects of vehicle assembly” for major players in the automotive space, including Jaguar Land Rover, Fisker, REE Automotive, and more.

The Etelligent Force drivetrain, using its eDrive technology at the front and eBeam electrified beam axle at the rear, is designed to fit in to existing heavy pickups and other trucks without the need for major modifications or new chassis architecture. It will have a total peak power of up to 430 kW, or 575 hp – 250kW (335 hp) from the rear eBeam and 180kW (240 hp) from the front eDrive.

Magna promises to help future EV drivers maximize the range and efficiency offered by all-electric pickup trucks. “EtelligentForce comes at a pivotal time – particularly in the North American auto industry where pickup trucks are at their height of popularity and one of the last segments to become fully electric,” explains Tom Rucker, president of Magna Powertrain. “The beauty of this powerful BEV system is that it delivers the environmental benefits of an electric powertrain while maintaining the capability and utility of conventional 3⁄4-ton and 1-ton trucks. We are excited to be able to share these future-ready solutions with our stakeholders this year.”

The automotive parts supplier shares that the EtelligentForce system will consist of Magna’s eDrive technology in the front of the truck, and Magna’s eBeam “electrified axle” in the rear. Production of the system is set to start in 2025.

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