Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+

Following the unveil of the new EQE SUV, the silks have also been pulled from the range-topping Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV, dubbed “the most versatile model from Affalterbach with a purely battery-electric drive system.”

The AMG EQE SUV is the first all-electric SUV ever developed by Mercedes’ performance arm at Affalterbach, but sits on the same EV platform as the EQE 350 and 500 4Matic base models. It also joins the previously launched AMG EQS and AMG EQE sedans as Mercedes’ third performance EV.

Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+

Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+

Power, as expected, has been given a serious push, with the AMG-specific e-motors producing at least 617 hp and 750 lb ft of torque. Opting for the optional AMG Dynamic Plus Package hikes this yet further to 687 hp – including a 10 hp ‘Boost’ for more immediate acceleration – and 738 lb ft of torque.

Despite a 2,690 kg kerb weight, performance is said to be scintillating, with the Dynamic Plus model capable of 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 240 km/h (220 km/h without the performance package). In an effort to keep this pace consistently rapid, the e-motors feature AMG-bespoke cooling vanes while an oil heat exchanger preheats the oil during cold start-ups.

Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+

Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+

Torque distribution varies between drive modes – of which five are available from ‘Slippery’ up to ‘Sport+’ – with Mercedes even stating the distribution between front and rear axles is checked 160 times per second for faster response times. Interestingly though, priority is still given to fuel consumption and battery efficiency in all drive modes bar Sport+.

While the base EQE battery has yet to be revealed, its AMG alter-ego features a 90.6 kWh example. And while estimated electric range has, again, not yet been finalized – should the EQE base hit 540 km, it’s expected the AMG estimate will be around the 420 km mark – 170 kW DC fast-charging capability features as standard with the 328-volt platform.

Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+

Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+

Though the four-link (front) and multi-link (rear) suspension has been carried over from the EQE base model, the AMG example features customized adaptive damping and AMG Ride Control+, as well as AMG-specific wheel carriers, suspension links and anti-roll bars to ensure greater body rigidity, and thus, superior road holding. Active rear-axle steering has also made the jump, albeit with a more aggressive setup. On the AMG version, and at up to 60 km/h, the rear wheels steer in the opposite direction to the front wheels by up to nine degrees, making the AMG EQE more light-footed.

To bring the AMG to a standstill, bespoke Affalterbach performance brakes – six-piston calipers on the front, single at the rear – have been fitted, while ‘iBooster’ essentially acts as regenerative braking to feed energy back into the battery under deceleration.

Cosmetic tweaks include new, high-gloss black air diffusers on the front bumper (which guides airflow around the front wheels akin to an ‘air cushion’), the fully recessed door handles, and 21 in / 22 in AMG light alloy wheels. Amusingly, the three-pointed star on the nose has been replaced with an AMG logo. In the cabin meanwhile, the seats now feature ‘Artico’ man-made leather and red stitching, and the AMG logo is embossed on the headrests. A flat-bottomed AMG steering wheel has also been installed.

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