Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG

Mercedes-Benz has its sights locked firmly on an electric future, with the help of its AMG performance brand. And now, the automaker has unveiled the Vision AMG concept — a “sleek, electric four-door coupe underpinned by the AMG.EA platform.” The Vision AMG is one of three EVs Mercedes plans to introduce around 2025.

Fans of Mercedes might notice that the new AMG concept bears a certain resemblance to the Vision EQXX concept. While the Vision EQXX has not yet reached production, the prototype recently completed just more than 1,000 km trip on a single charge, which, understandably, generated a great deal of buzz around Mercedes upcoming electric offerings. Notably, the Vision EQXX is exploring the potential for air-cooled batteries, which is a departure from standard EV technology.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG

Although Mercedes and AMG have yet to give up extensive details about the Vision AMG, it was revealed that the EV will use axial-flux motors from wholly owned subsidiary Yasa. According to Mercedes, these motors are more effective in their power production than other motor designs, despite their compact packaging.

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Looking at the concept images, we see a sleek and aerodynamic EV that rivals any classic sports car, with light-up bars at the front of the vehicle in place of a traditional grille. The Vision AMG also boasts six large circular taillights installed around a rear diffuser, and headlights in the shape of the Mercedes three-pointed star badge.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG

Mercedes-Benz Vision AMG

It’s worth noting that this isn’t AMG’s first venture into the EV realm; the performance brand previously launched the limited-production SLS AMG Electric Drive sports car back in 2014, which cost roughly US$435,000. AMG will play a key role in Mercedes’ electrification efforts leading up to 2030, having already produced the first fully electric AMG model, the EQS sedan, and revealed an upcoming version of the EQE sedan. AMG has also promised plug-in hybrid models, which will reportedly rely on Formula One battery technology and a “unique 2-speed gearbox.”

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