Mercedes-Benz Concept EQT Marco Polo

A micro-camper version of Mercedes’ new electric EQT van – the Concept EQT Marco Polo – is set to make its online debut on December 2.

The “near-series” concept is the latest showcase of Mercedes’ new EQT, an all-electric version of the mid-sized T-Class van, which is expected to arrive in 2023. Mercedes has yet to reveal the production version of the new EQT – concept images were revealed back in May – meaning the EQT Marco Polo will probably give us our first proper look at a near-production-ready model. Tantalizing minxes that they are though, Mercedes has teased the EQT Marco Polo without providing a single shot of the EV micro-camper!

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQT Marco Polo

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQT Marco Polo

The German brand though has confirmed that the “flexible module” can support both a bed and a kitchen unit, despite the premium van’s smaller stature. Said features can also be removed with limited fuss in order that the camper will still be “suitable for flexible everyday use.”

And that’s about it as far as details go. It’s likely though that the EQT camper will feature a similar configuration of the T-Class Marco Polo that premiered back in August. The ‘Marco Polo module,’ which is secured using lashing eyehooks in the trunk, uses a drawer-system to house a 15-litre refrigerator, a gas cartridge cooker, and storage space for cutlery, crockery, food supplies. There’s even a sink, beneath which is a 12-litre “easily accessible” water tank.

Fold the front seats forward, and there’s a mounting point in front of the rear bench for a two-person table, which can also be adjusted for use outside the vehicle (two camping chairs are also provided with the T-Class’ Marco Polo module). Fold the rear seats flat, and the bed frame, mounted in the back of the module, folds up and outwards, providing enough room for a two-person, two-metre by 1.15 metre mattress.

Notably, and unlike the ICE-driven T-Class, the EQT’s EV-dedicated architecture, plus the added bonus of the battery being mounted under-floor, means interior space in the premium micro-camper is likely to surpass that of the mid-sized T-Class.

Again, drivetrain details are also thin on the ground, though Mercedes is unlikely to deviate too far from the expected, 100 hp single electric motor and 44 kWh battery combination that drives the front wheels. Of course, the additional weight of the Marco Polo module may affect that estimated 270 km electric range.

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