Mini Concept Aceman

A new electric from Mini, dubbed ‘the Concept Aceman,’ is set to make its debut this week following a tease from the British brand on Instagram.

The short video teased only the vehicle’s traditional Union Jack taillamps, a frameless wing mirror, and a sequence of LED lighting across the front grille, before stating that further details would arrive tomorrow. A twitter post from the BMW Group itself meanwhile that a “new, energetic character is on the horizon.”

Given its link to the similarly-named, short-lived Paceman in the mid-2010s, the Aceman is expected to be an all-electric crossover, and will thus join the upcoming three-door Mini Electric and next generation Countryman EV SUV as MINI begins its transition to full electrification by the early 2030s. Pending positive public feedback, the one-off EV convertible might also be added to the line-up.

The tease, plus the flexibility that comes with an electric architecture, has led to suggestion that the concept will also unveil a new design language for Mini’s upcoming EV era.

Though a conceptual model will be unveiled on Wednesday, the production example is expected to sit beneath the Countryman albeit with a premium price point. As Mini continues to push its sustainability credentials though, the Aceman is unlikely to feature any leather or feature much chrome accenting.

Early risers can follow the live unveiling at 5am EDT on BMW’s website.

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