Northvolt, the largest integrated EV battery producer in Europe, has selected the province of Quebec as the site of its newest battery facility, to be named Northvolt Six.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier François Legault were joined by representatives of the Swedish company in Montreal for the announcement. The site, covering 170 hectares in McMasterville and Saint-Basile-le-Grand (just east of Montreal) is expected to come online in 2026. Initial production will be 30 GWh per year, with the possibility of ramping up to 60 GWh annually. There will also be facilities for cathode active material production and battery recycling.

Radio-Canada reports the project will have close to $7 billion in investment, with $2.7 billion coming from the Quebec and Federal governments combined. The plant is also expected to create 3,000 new jobs.

Nortvolt’s co-founder Paolo Cerruti cites Quebec’s renewable hydro electricity production as a driving force behind its decision. “With its unique access to renewable power and raw materials, we see this as the ideal base of operations for Northvolt’s first gigafactory outside of Europe,” he says. “We look forward to engagement with all local stakeholders and the province, to make Northvolt Six a textbook example of sustainable investment.”

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