Tesla Model Y

It’s no secret that the Tesla Model Y is a fan-favourite among EV drivers, but did you know that it accounted for nearly one out of every three new U.S. EVs registered in the first quarter of 2022? According to reports, Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 made up 62.8 per cent of new EV registrations in the quarter, while Tesla’s four models together captured an undeniably impressive 71.7 per cent of the EV market.

The report, release by Experian Automotive, revealed that EVs topped 5 per cent of U.S. new vehicle registrations in the first quarter, with California earning top spot for US EV adoption (likely to no one’s surprise). In fact, nearly 38 per cent of the national new EV registrations in January through March were in California. Not only that, but 15 per cent of new-vehicle registrations in California in Q1 were fully electric, and 11.5 per cent were hybrids.

Seemingly in a period of never-ending growth, Tesla increased its share of the entire U.S. vehicle market from 1.4 per cent to 3.3 per cent. In fact, Tesla sold nearly as many electrified vehicles as Toyota during the quarter, despite Tesla only having four models and Toyota having 11 hybrid and electric offerings.

Looking beyond Tesla’a continued reign, Kia and Hyundai laid claim to nearly 10 per cent of the RV market, with Ford nearing 5 per cent. Kia’s capture of 5.3 per cent of the market is also worth noting, as the first of its EV6 electric SUVs weren’t delivered until late January. It’s also important to note that EVs rose from 2.2 per cent in Q1 2020 to more than 5.1 per cent in Q1 2022, meaning one in 20 new vehicles nationwide is fully electric. While we still have a long way to go, this continued momentum is surely something to celebrate.

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