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Entegrus Inc., a company specializing in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, renewable energy, and water services in Southwestern Ontario, is taking action to be prepared for rising interest in EVs.

Taking note of the growing consumer interest in EVs across major markets, coupled with skyrocketing gas prices amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Entegrus is investing in modernizing its distribution system. “Much of our distribution system was built in the 1950s,” explains Entegrus Inc. president and CEO Jim Hogan. “We need to make sure we have a modern distribution system, because if we get 40 per cent penetration of electric vehicles that’s quite a drain on our system.”

According to Hogan, just three years ago customer interest in EVs was low. In a 2021 customer survey, however, that interest had increased significantly, with 40 per cent of Entegrus customers indicating they are seriously looking at an electric vehicle.

Hogan went on to explain that wire is being upgraded to be able to handle more electricity going through it. The company is also investing in additional, larger transformers which will help to offset the anticipated increase in demand for electricity.

“It’s just doing all those things that will ensure more electricity can be delivered to our customers,” Hogan said. “These upgrades won’t just benefit EVs — they will benefit all customers, ensuring the Entegrus system is more reliable.”

Hogan also revealed that Entegrus is seeking funding from Natural Resources Canada to help commercial and industrial operations served by the utility install electrical chargers. “We’re not going to do the investments directly, but we’re going to do a lot of things to help our customers make those investments,” he said.

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